Wall Signs

Wall Signs – Get Noticed!

Presenting the right image is of vital importance to all businesses, and well-crafted corporate signage turns your wall sign into a stunning reflection of your company that all visitors to your business will see. Wall signs are among the most effective of all types of corporate signage, and there are a number of ways to incorporate dimensional logos into your wall signs, including: stainless steel letters, 3D letters, aluminum letters and brass letters to mention just a few.

A wall sign on the exterior of a building identifies your location precisely and let’s your customers find you more effectively than any other type of signage. These signs can be illuminated to further enhance navigation to your location and continue to work for you 24 hours a day, even during the hours when your business is closed.

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Product Details

Simple Wall Sign

This is a simple wall sign. A box cabinest with lights inside. The face is acrylic or polycarbonate with translucent vinyl letters applied to the front surface.

Routed Face Wall Sign

With Push Through Letters. The face of this wall sign is painted aluminum that has been routed out. The openings are backed with acrylic. At night only the openings illuminated.

Routed Face Wall Sign

This is a Flag Mounted wall sign. It is double sided and in this case the faces are routed out. At night light shines through the letters only. The mounting is perpendicular to the building which creates the best visibility since it is perpendicular to traffic.

Custom Wall Sign

Custom Wall Signs can get as creative as you want. Special shapes and illumination are possible. Use our design team to either help create something special or to help make your special design possible.