Monument Signs

Monument Signs / Ground Signs

Monument signs, also known as ground signs, are low profile box signs that usually rest on a stone pedestal. They are outdoor signs usually up to 6 ft tall that are ideal for street level identification and directional information.

There are many design possibilities available for the fabrication of monument signs. Design choices involve material selection, decorative style selection, illumination type, logo treatment, color accents and surface finishes. Having this type of sign with so much character is sure to impress and attract your customers.

Mark your identification and brand your presence with the distinguished look of a monument sign. Solid and stately, they can be built from a wide variety of materials with unlimited design options.

An led display or Digital Display can easily be added to enhance your sign and add flexibility to your marketing efforts.

We understand the intricacies involved in making such unique signs and are familiar with the challenges. Chicago Sign Group can deliver a monument sign that provides you with the functionality and design aesthetics that are important to you.

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Product Details

Monument Signs

Monument signs are smaller than Pylon signs. They usually sit out next to the street or at the entrance of a business. Their purpose is to name the location and to inform you of who or what is here. They can be illuminated and they can have electronic message signs. Much of the time the sign requires some foundation work to be done and a brick or stone pedestal to give it the monument look.

Tall Monument Sign

This is a fairly tall monument sign. It's about 15ft tall. Any taller and it would be a pylon sign. Most cities have rules as to how tall a monument sign can be and how many square feet are allowed per face. Chicago Sign Group can contact the city and find out what the ordinance will allow and design the sign accordingly.

Creative Monument Sign

If your architect or designer has a special design, we can work with them to design the fabrication and choose materials. If you can dream it up, we can build it.

Entrance Monument Sign

This monument sign was made to give the appearance of real stone but is actually carved from high density eps sign foam. The sign is light weight and is easy to install and does not need an expensive foundation. The foam is sprayed with a special containment polymer that protects it from the sun and makes it durable even to the blows of a hammer. The coating and the foam also make this type of sign impervious to rot, termites and moisture. If you kick it you can tell it's not real, but at a distance you would never know. If you prefer the real thing, we can do that to. We can price it both ways.

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