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Digital LED Signs

Red or Amber (yellow) Monochrome signs can be incorporated in a monument sign. Programming is remote via WiFi. Important daily specials can be posted regularly with ease.

Billions of colors

Billions of colors are available with resolutions of 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm and 21mm. These displays also have full video capability. The cost of the display is determined by resolution, size, communication type and video capability. A consultant will visit your location and help you determine the best display based on traffic counts, traffic speed and sign location and height.

Typical sign cabinets

The sign cabinets are heavy duty steel with heavy gaskets to keep out the elements. The sign is easy to repair. The LEDs are in modules that easily pop out to be replaced by another.

High Resolution

High resolution video with top quality. Double face unit in shop being tested for quality control.

Large Scoreboard Video Display

Large Scale video displays are possible with athletic scoreboards.

Huge Displays are possible

State of the art processing and modular designs allow for large scale displays.

Looking for an LED Display? Chicago Sign Group provides a large variety of LED display options for businesses. An LED Display is also known as a Digital Display or LED Sign, Digital Sign, Electronic Display or just a Message Sign. Chicago Sign Group will build to suit your needs. Electronic message signs and LED display signs give you the ability to customize your messages and graphics to focus your advertising effectively to your target audience. Since the visual display is always changing, electronic message centers get noticed.

No matter what you call it, an LED Display will allow your business to stand out and be noticed. They attract attention through animation and stunning photo quality graphics that increase the customer awareness of your business location.

The LED Display resolution is determined by the spacing of the actual LEDs. This spacing is called the pitch. The tighter the spacing, the more concentrated the LEDs. The result is a sharper image with higher definition. This is an important consideration when choosing an electronic sign for displaying your messages or images. We can provide you with a free initial consultation about the various message center options, so you can make an informed decision about what criteria are important to your company’s goals.

LED Signs provide an ideal way to create eye-catching messages to inform and motivate your customers. Whether it’s introducing a hot new item or simply a great price, it couldn’t be easier. Current LED technology makes it easy to manage and program the display to immediately respond to changes in market trends or strategic positioning. Messages can be varied at any time to take advantage of peak traffic periods.

Programming is a snap. You can program a sign from your bedroom as long as you have a laptop and the software.

Ask us about how we can make this technology work for you.

Led Display / Digital Display / Led Signs / Digital Sign / Electronic Display

Full color LED signs are the most attention-getting and versatile signs you can have for your business. You can display photo realistic graphics, run inspiring animations and even display full motion video. If you really want to make an impact for your business, outdoor LED display signs offer superior visual quality and advertising flexibility.

Here are some of the benefits and features of LED digital displays:

• Capable of displaying up to 16 million colors

• LED display resolutions currently available include 6mm, 12mm, 16mm and 20mm

Ask about our Virtual 16mm unit. The computer is programmed to create a virtual 8mm resolution using special pixel sharing technology. 8mm at the price of 16mm!!

• Outdoor LED message signs are energy efficient

•User programmable digital sign graphics, video and text

• Real-time communication with potential customers

• LED message signs cost less than other types of major advertising media

Chicago Sign Group can help you select the most appropriate LED display for your needs.

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