Free Mock-up

Free Design and Mock-up

Take a picture of the proposed sign location. Using your photo we will design your sign and create a mock up of EXACTLY what your sign will look like.   

Follow these simple instructions on how to take the best photo for creating a mock up.
1- Tape an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of printing paper to the wall where the sign will go. 

Taking the picture

With your mobile phone take a picture of the 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of printing paper.   Take care to include the whole area where the sign will go so that we may be able to create a realistic view of what the sign will look like. 

Taking the Picture

Take the picture directly in front of the sign location.   If you are at an angle, it will distort the image and make creating a perfect scale drawing more difficult.    


If you have no other choice because there is no room ie. you are inside a hall way, do the best you can.   We will add perspective to the drawing and do our best to create a realistic image of what your sign will look like. 


Send the photo along with your logo artwork and we will create a mock-up and a quote.   


File format for artwork: ai, dxf, jpg, eps, cdr.

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