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Chicago Sign Group is a custom sign specialty house that designs, manufactures and installs the signs that will be most effective for your business. We provide a free consultation service for our first visit for the simple Mom and Pop store fronts to very elaborate national chain stores.

25 years of experience and a vast knowledge of designs, materials and fabrication techniques along with creativity give our designers and manufacturers the tools with which to conceive the product that best suits your needs within your budget.

Chicago Sign Group is an association of project managers, designers, and high quality specialty sign shops located in the Chicago area and across the nation.

While many sign companies claim to make every sign type, it's not true. The truth is that there are hundreds of sign types and it's impossible for one sign company to excel at making all of them. Most sign companies send your order out to a specialty house that specializes in making just one type of sign.

Chicago Sign Group is your connection to these specialty sign shops across the country that only work for sign companies. These shops specialize is making exactly the type of sign you need and they have decades of experience. No shoddy workmanship, no fading and peeling paint, no signs that pull away from the building or snap at the base and fall on cars or passing pedestrians. Our team is the best of the best with years of experience.

Chicago Sign Group, our project managers and our designers, will design the sign, pull the permits, supervise the manufacture, and install the final product. After we install the sign we warranty the sign for 2 years for parts and labor. -Special conditions for electronic message boards.

Call us with your sign project!

How do you get started?

1. Call Us: 847-899-9021 (or) Email Us: david@chicagosigngroup.com 
2. Explain the sign that you want. If you have no idea...we have project managers, designers and graphic artists that can help!
3.We will schedule a time to visit your site. We take pictures and measure the sign location and most importantly we make suggestions as to what would work best for you to bring in more customers.

This first consultation is for FREE!

4. We design the sign and make a mock drawing that shows the sign in place.
5. Once we agree on the design, we ask for a 50% deposit and then we file for permits. WE MAKE NOTHING UNTIL THE PERMITS ARE APPROVED BY THE CITY. Can you imagine us making the whole sign only to have the city say "sorry, not possible". Depending on the sign, it usually takes the city 1 to 4 weeks to approve the sign.
6. After City approval, we start to make the sign. Manufacturing can take from 1 week to 4 weeks.
7. Installation: once the sign is done we call and make an appointment to install the sign.
8. Final payment in full is due upon satisfactory completion of the sign installation.

Custom Signs / Business Signs

Chicago Sign Group is a sign company that takes pride in providing a business sign of outstanding design, using quality materials. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service.

Signs are known by many different names since there are many different types. We design, produce, install and service custom signs, business signs, electronic message boards, led displays, channel letters, monument signs, pylon signs, indoor and outdoor signs, wayfinding signs, building directory signs, wall signs, lighted signs, basically any type of store sign or Commercial sign, small or large sign.

Whether you're looking for store signs, company signs, shop signs, office signs, retail signs, lobby signs, corporate signs, wall signs, directory signs, 3D letters, metal letters, an led display, a digital display, led signs, led message signs or any type of business signs, we can provide you with high-quality signage to meet your needs.

Why Should You Choose Chicago Sign Group?

Chicago Sign Group will work with you to create a commercial business sign that reflects your business image and vision. We have in house designers and graphic designers that have designed some of the most famous signs in the Chicagoland area.

Quality and service is our emphasis. We are committed to excellence and place top priority on customer satisfaction. We specialize in all design, manufacture, installation and service of various types of signs.

We understand that your sign is one of your most valuable assets when it comes to reaching potential customers. There simply is NO advertising media that is more cost efficient. You buy it once and it generates customers for years.

Signs are your first impression. A well designed, well made business sign can generate enough business to make the difference between an average business and a business that stands out.

Chicago Sign Group offers free consultation for initial orders and provides a two year warranty on its sign products, five years on an LED Display. This includes parts and labor.

If you have an indoor or outdoor business sign project, call us today at: 847-899-9021

Design Begins with an Idea

Our sign design team is prepared to assist you as you begin your project to design a sign. If you are starting from scratch and need a custom sign design, we are able to offer sign design services that will satisfy your project requirements. Whether you need a store sign, business sign, corporate logo or business logo, our skilled designers can create a sign design based on your business logos, corporate logos or other branding elements that will let your customers take notice. We can create a sign by design that reflects your company’s image and style.

We perform a site analysis, determine zoning requirements, apply for necessary permits and make recommendations for overall design, size, typestyle and color to communicate your message effectively. We will also specify structural supports, lighting, mounting methods and electrical requirements to ensure the long-term value of your investment.

With over 25 years of sign experience and a vast knowledge of materials and fabrication techniques along with unparalleled creativity, our skilled designers can conceive the most efficient product that best meets your objectives within your project budget.


25 years of experience and a vast knowledge of materials and fabrication techniques along with creativity give our designers the tools with which to conceive the product that best suits your needs within your budget. We have 10 designers and artists that can design your sign. In addition we can design your logo, letter head and business cards. In addition we can develop a Website that will put you on a first page of a google search, but once we do this it will be up to you to do the work to maintain it there with new and constantly changing content that is interesting for your customers.